Planned to celebrate the function for one year from 12.1.2016 to 31.12.2016


  • *To declare 2016 as the year of 100% result.
  • *To declare 2016 as the year of more admissions
    (student strength target – 2500)
  • *To declare 2016 as the year of nil dropouts
  • *To declare 2016 as the year of developing all round skills


Library 27,00,000.00
Commemoration arch 12,00,000.00
Starting Nursery & Primary Schools 47,81,000.00
Renovation of HM’s quarters 23,00,000.00
Administrative Block 65,00,000.00
Total 1,74,81,000.00

Action plan for Fund Raising

Fund raising through Alumni 30,00,000.00
Fund raising through Sales 5,00,000.00
Fund raising through Lucky Dip 20,00,000.00
Fund raising through Building Fund/Donations 20,00,000.00
Fund raising through Music/Star Night Programmes 5,00,000.00
Appeal to the Diocese 60,00,000.00
Fund raising through Private Agencies 20,00,000.00
Total 1,60,00,000.00

Celebration of the year long programme of the Tricentennial Function

Action plan

Inagural function

Date: 12.1.2016 Time : 4.00pm

  • Releasing the souvenir, covering the old stories, developments and achievements of the school till 31.12.2015
  • Dedicating the school library , the commemoration of the tricentennial year.
  • Laying the foundation stone for the administrative block


Souvenir -1500 copies 1,50,000.00
School library – estimation 27,00,000.00
Function expenses 2,00,000.00
Total 30,50,000.00

Month: February-2016

Month of Science from 1.2.2016 to 29.2.2016

  • Conducting a State Level Exhibition/Science Fair
  • Conducting interschool competitions in scientific essay writing, drawing and elocution competition
  • Conducting Seminars, Symposium and field visit


Expenses for Exhibition 1,27,000.00
Expenses for conducting competition 29,000.00
Total 1,56,000.00

Month: March-2016

Month of Alumni: from 1.3.2016 to 31.3.2016

  • Releasing an exclusive souvenir for Alumni
  • Dedicating the Commemoration arch of the Tricentennial year
  • Honouring the Best Achievers of Paulites


Souvenir for Alumni 50,000.00
Construction of Arch 12,00,000.00
Honouring the Alumni Meeting expenses 60,000.00
Total 13,10,000.00

Month: June-2016

Month of Physical Education: 1.6.2016 to 30.6.2016

  • Conducting a Marathon race
  • Conducting a State Level Tournament in hockey, Cricket, Football, Volley ball and kabadi with Tricentennial Rolling Trophy
  • Conducting a State Level Tournament in Indoor games like Chess and Table Tennis.
  • Tri centennial annual Sports Meet


Conducting a marathon race 10,000.00
Conducting a state Level Tournament 1,20,000.00
Conducting a State Level Tournament in Indoor games 43,000.00
Tri Centinial Annual Sports Meet 72,000.00
Total 2,45,000.00

Month: July – 2016

Month of Cultural Activities: from 1.7.2016 to 31.7.2016

  • Tamil & English literary Association meetings
  • Conducting City Level Inter School Competitions in Dance, Essay Writing, Singing, Drawing and Fancy Dress competitions


Tamil &English literary Association meetings 12,000.00
Conducting City Level Inter School Competitions 19,000.00
Total 31,000.00

Month: August – 2016

  • Conducting camps in NSS, JRC, Scout and NCC
  • Adopting a village or slum and conducting the welfare programmes.
  • Conducting an Youth Wing Rally giving an exposure on the celebration of the tri centennial year.


Conducting camps in NSS, JRC, Scout and NCC 15,000.00
Adopting a village or a slum and conducting the Welfare progrmmes 40,000.00
Conducting a youth Wing Rally giving an exposure on the celebration Of the tri centennial Year 40,000.00
Total 60,000.00

Month: October – 2016

Releasing Tricentennial commemoration postal stamp or postal cover

Month: November – 2016

Honouring the Best Achievers.

Month: December – 2016

Month of the Birth of Jesus: fr0m 1.12.2016 to 31.12.2016

  • Celebrating Christmas Function
  • Starting the Nursery and Primary schools- Annexe
  • Renovating HM’s quarters.
  • Valedictory Function
  • Releasing Tri Centennial Souvenir


Celebrating Christmas Function 1,92,000.00
Starting the Nursery and Primary schools – Annexe
Five class rooms 5*9,50,000.00
Establishment 5 teaching + 2 non teaching 5*5000+2*3000
Renovating HM’s quarters 23,00,000.00
Valedictory Function 2,50,000.00
Releasing Tri Centennial Souvenir 85,000.00
Total 76,08,000.00