Our challenge in the future is to build ST.PAUL’S into an outstanding Christian mission school and to produce the pupil with Christian discipline, greater moral values and good academic excellence.

Need Assessment

  • School is housed in 299 years old building in a dilapilated condition which developed cracks and leakages on the walls. It is neither safe for children nor does it provide a healthy environment. There after it was demolished in the year – 2011.
  • Very limited space for computer center with very few outdated computers.
  • Class room converted laboratories available to conduct practicals for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with old equipments.
  • Lack of Library room.

Proposal for New Class Rooms

  • The main building may be annexed to the Fabricious block.
  • Eight class rooms may be placed in the first and second floor.
  • A hi-tech school office may be placed in the ground floor.

Expected effects of the project

  • Provides an atmosphere in which students can achieve maximum intellectual progress and mental growth.
  • Increase in students strength.
  • The school will become a platform for the students to display their hidden talents and skills which contribute to the enrichment of their knowledge.
  • Better infrastructure facilities gives healthy atmosphere in which students and staff pursue personal development to shine in all speres.
  • Well spacious and ventilated class rooms help good learning atmosphere.


  • The under privileged students will have a sense of dignity and pride in having good pacca class rooms and other resource rooms. To provide better facilities to them massive investments are needed to develop the infra structures, which involves tremendous financial inputs. It is impossible to raise a huge amount through our students. Hence we approach the donors and philanthropists to complete the building project.
  • It is our humble request to you to be our school improvement partners to set targets, priorities and identify support.
  • We shall be highly grateful to you, if you could kindly help us financially to construct atleast few class rooms.
  • By helping us in this ministry, you are not only helping us to complete their project but also to become a part with us in transforming the future children. The poor students will ever remember your help and kindness with gratitude and thankfulness.